A Information of Cussing, Applying Profane Dialect on a Swearing Essay

Swearing Essay

Cussing, using profane dialect, making obscene gestures, whatever its called it

is swearing. Swearing has turned into a common expressions today in age and used

most commonly by male teenagers. It creates them feel more superior and feel

respectable about themselves. Everyone swears so that it doesn't make a difference

to them because they sound just as clever as others they tend to be

around. Not only does it make sure you their mom so much, everyone appears to show

respect towards anyone that has the capacity to think about no better word than a

swear word. Swearing has turned into a fine tag of manliness for a teenager. Being able

to swear exactly like a grown-up proves to them how developed they are. Swearing shows

how you have self control over themselves when you are able to play a swear word

once in some time without overusing them. Swearing is certainly all right just for as long as

its not overused. Those that have a tendency to misuse a cuss generate fools out of themselves

because they seem to be to sound foolish as though they are unable