An Analysis of Identification in Half-Life and Superstar Wars: The Force Awakens

Identity is a thing that everyone has, whether they're alert to it or certainly not. Throughout our discussions, this is this issue that stuck with me the virtually all, as I've experienced true to life problems with finding an identity myself and in addition noticing the theme in a few of the media I consume. Whatever media you're thinking about, there's always some speak about identity, and because of this paper I'm taking ideas we discussed during “Half-Existence” and growing them to real life examples and in addition examples that can be found within the Star Wars video series. I'll be discovering strategies regarding identity that relate Half-Life to real life examples while as well delving into identification within the film Celebrity Wars: The Power Awakens. Half-Life surrounds the tale of two females who live with their daddy after their mother disappeared in to the ocean. As the account progresses, the reader comes to learn that the daughters and mom are selkies, a mystical creature that may become individual by shedding its seal skin area. The theme of identification is present through the entire whole story, and it's written and portrayed so that means it is mysterious and intriguing, which explains why this particular account has stuck with me through the entire semester. After Astrid and Clarinda's mother leaves to get one with the sea again, girls true identification is hidden, as their daddy is scared of these following within their mothers footsteps. He humors them when his daughters beg him to inform them “a strange, sad story” (Oshcner 403), and he launches into a