An Evaluation of Fremont SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, articles by Jonathan Kozol

“Fremont SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL” was compiled by one with a number of different talents. Jonathan Kozol was an educator, activist, and a well-known writer. Jonathan based this part on the observations and scenarios that had happened during his go to to the school. All over America there are astonishing rated schools which range from elementary to senior high school; but apart from the 5 star schools additionally, there are very poorly rated ones aswell. The educational benefits kids in america have are great opportunities, so long as your child is located into a successful educational program. Fremont high can be an issue talked about in a lot more than just Kozols writing.

As Kozol approached Fremont SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL he quickly noticed off puts just from the surface of the building. One of many very first issues he encountered was the obscure opinions such as the eight-foot metal fence with spikes at the very top that surrounds the perimeter, as well as the home windows would have to be covered by thick