An Evaluation of the Shocking Figures of Pets or animals Killed Illegally in the World

Save The Animals!

Do you include any idea just how many animals are killed every year just so we

can have little things that we don't need and that aren't necessities? Too

many to place it lightly. Nearly 2 million pets are killed every year for their

fur, for use in experiments, and for decorations for human beings! Not merely is that

cruelty to animals, but that's inhumane and really should be unconstitutional! That is

an outrage!

In 1998, over 10,263,600 pets or animals were purchased for experiments in Japan.

These animals include 20,000 pups, 2,000 cats, 1,600 monkeys, 160,000 rabbits,

80,000 hamsters, 3,000,000 rats, and 7,000,000 mice. Japan doesn't have

national level control. We have to find an alternative solution to murdering these helpless


In the entire year 2000, over 5,300,000 family pets had been imported to Japan because of their

fur. These animals contain 600,000 minks, 400,000 foxes, 3,000,000 rabbits and

1,300,000 goats and sheep. One technique of eliminating these poor family pets is that