An Intro to the Examination of the Gothic; Interplay Between Realism and Fantasy

The Gothic - Interplay between Realism and Fantasy

The reason for the imagination, I really believe, is to provide us solace and shelter from situations and lifestyle passages which would usually prove unendurable. The creativity which so often stored me awake and in terror as a kid has experienced me through some awful bouts of stark raving reality as a grown-up.

( Stephen King Nightmares and Dreamscapes : 8 )

This quote in one of America's top rated writers' highlights just about the most important reasons for the application of fantasy in gothic fiction. Fantasy cannot only create terror but can mentally shield us from true to life horrors which we don't wish to acknowledge - definitely not a very important thing as much gothic fiction shows.

I will study the interplay between the factors of realism and fantasy via the usage of the next texts: Angela Carter's' The Bloody Chamber focusing primarily on "The Bloody Chamber" and "THE GIRL of the House of Take pleasure in". Stephen King's The Shining, there may also be references to Stanley Kubrick's film variation of The Shining and Wes Craven's modern day gothic film The Persons Beneath the Stairs.

The most evident use of the fantasy/simple fact user interface in gothic fiction may be the fact that the fantasy more often than not exists within the truth. On a simple level this ensures that the stereotypical gothic castle where in fact the story ( a fantasy ) unfolds is